Twini choco – Chocolate flavour sandwich cookies

We are introducing a new twini flavour – the twini choco box.



Soon the twini brand line will hit the market.  As a quick reminder, there are 3 other twini flavours: twini original, twini double vanilla and twini double cocoa. Additional twini flavours will will be introduced in the upcoming months.


Crunchy choco covered sandwich cookies

Soon we will launch our twini choco box and we’d like to give you a preview of our super tasty crunchy sandwich cookies covered with milky cocoa coating. If you missed out the twini brand line announcement here is a link to learn more about it: “Meet twini – the most delicious sandwich cookies”  

Chocolate sandwich cookies_new_brand_3d

Meet twini – the most delicious sandwich cookies


We are so excited to launch our new cookies brand line named twini, offering one of the best sandwich cookies taste in Europe. The twini brand line will include different cream and cookies flavours, but all of them would keep that specific taste our unique recipe provides.

Below you can have a quick look at three twini flavours: twini original, twini double vanilla and twini double cocoa. Soon we’ll introduce to you twini choco, twini strawberry, twini mint, twini lemon and many many other twini sandwich cookies flavours.

And guess what? We will be launching a twini sugar free line too. Stay tuned 🙂