Via Prom on PLMA 2018 (29-30 May) in Amsterdam

Dear readers, we would like to inform you that for the fifth consecutive year Via Prom will present its products at PLMA trade show in Amsterdam. The event will take place in RAI Exhibition Centre, 29-30 May. 

Traditionally, Via Prom is putting efforts to support the New and Innovative Product Section which is part of PLMA by developing new product recipes. Again, this year some of our innovative proposals were selected and will be presented in the New Product Expo Section. We are excited to show you our innovations at our booth.

This year, our focus will be put on our sandwich cookies line. Via Prom aspires to become one of the leading producers of sandwich cookies, or cream cookies in South Eastern Europe. We are kindly inviting you to visit us and check out our offer. We are more than happy to discuss all types of possibilities for cooperation.

You will find us on the following location:

RAI Europa Complex / Hall 3
Stand number: F-4099

Below you can find a sneak peek of our stand presentation. We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth.

Private Label: Via Prom on PLMA 2017

This year again, Via Prom presented its products on PLMA 2017, the biggest private label trade show in the world that took place in RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam on 16-17 May. It was one of the most successful trade shows for Via Prom so far. We are excited to see we are on the right track, improving our offer each year and meeting expectations to most of our current and future clients.

On following link you can check out the product portfolio we presented on PLMA.

We already booked our booth for next year :). The event will take place on 19-30 May, 2018 in RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam.  Save the date :).

If you have any question related to our company, products, or PLMA exhibition feel free to contact us at

Via Prom’s innovations to be presented at PLMA 2017

Every year Via Prom’s R&D is developing new and innovative products specifically to be presented at PLMA trade show. This year again, Via Prom will take part of the New Product Expo where the latest innovations by exhibitors are displayed. Four out of four submitted products were selected by PLMA’s Committee and will be presented in the New Product Expo – Idea Supermarket area.

We are inviting you to check out our latest innovations: it’s a unique recipe of wholegrain cookies with chia and black seeds and no added sugar. Healthier and delicious. Stop by our booth to try it.

As a quick reminder our booth will be positioned on following location:

16-17 May, PLMA 2017, RAI Exhibition Centre Amsterdam
RAI Park Complex / Hall 8
Stand number: F-8501

See you in Amsterdam! 🙂

Free invitation codes for PLMA 2017 Amsterdam


We would like to inform you that you can get your free invitation code for this year’s PLMA (16-17 May) in Amsterdam from today on. All you need to do is to contact us on and tell us your request. We kindly ask you to include “Free invitation code” in your email’s subject line.

Please kindly note that it’s a limited time offer due to the limited number of codes we have. It’s a first come first served basis.

Two additional notes:

  1. Guest Registration closes on 4 May. The Special Invitation is not valid after this date.
  2. Each Registration Code is unique and can only be used once.

As a quick reminder our stand info for PLMA 2017 Amsterdam is following:

16-17 May PLMA 2017, RAI Exhibition Centre, Amsterdam


RAI Park Complex / Hall 8

Stand number: F-8501







Save the date: 16-17 May, PLMA 2017 Amsterdam

In two months from now, PLMA 2017, the world’s biggest private label trade show will take place in Amsterdam. Save the date: 16-17 May in RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam. 

For the third year in a row Via Prom will present its products on this trade show. This year we’ve developed very unique and tasty products which haven’t been placed on the market yet, thus we can hardly wait to share our innovations for the first time with you. Besides the expansion of our conventional product lines with delicious and one of a kind chocolate and sugar bars and rolls, we also developed a wholegrain and sugar free biscuit line with healthy and tasty seeds (mainly chia and black seeds).

If you are curious to see the complete palette of Via Prom’s products, we invite you to visit our stand:

16-17 May PLMA 2017, RAI Exhibition Centre, Amsterdam


RAI Park Complex / Hall 8

Stand number: F-8501

As we did in the past years, again this year we will offer a limited number of free invitation codes. Stay tuned.


Private Label: 5 Reasons to Choose Us to Make Your Own Branded Cream Cookies

“There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.” – Ray Goforth

        Last week we published a post about what private label is, what are the current trends, advantages and disadvantages of this type of partnerships.

As a quick reminder, we mentioned that the biggest disadvantages of getting into private label cooperation are 1) Manufacturer risk (be well aware who you choose as a partner) and 2) Brand building challenge.

    ninjacocoa44gr   ninjavanillabis44gr


Here comes our role to help you eliminate potential threats when developing your own brand of cream (sandwich) cookies. As a company specialized in the production of private label sandwich biscuits, we know how to deal with all the technical challenges you would normally face when making your own branded biscuits. We help you overcome those challenges successfully, fast and easy. Moreover, we help you build brands too. Thus, Via Prom is the right partner to choose for your private label project and there are 5 main reasons that support our statement:

  1. Focus (we are specialized in sandwich cookies production – this is what we do best, thus we assure high and standard quality at competitive prices).
  2. Fast (our great past experience helped us learn how to create new brands fast and easy).
  3. Family owned (We care about our company, its stability and progress the way only family owned companies care. We’ve implemented values and principles in everyday business activities like only family owned companies implement. And most importantly, we care about our clients and their success the way we care about our own company and our own success. Quality, great customer service and business ethics are the key pillars of every cooperation we’ve built).
  4. 24/7/365 availability (you can reach us during holidays, after work hours, weekends, anytime. Our highly motivated team is willing to answer you anytime you need us).
  5. Free of charge design services (in case you like to develop a brand for which you do not have a specific design and name we are here to do that for you for free).

Ninja Biscuit

Additionally, we support your private label projects by offering you: possibilities to develop new products upon your request, great quality at most competitive prices, great logistics optimization, quality proof (ISO 22000, HACCP, HALAL, BRC – new standards to be introduced upon your request), proven success (we export to Europe, USA and Middle East), credibility (member of world’s Private Label Manufacturing Association – PLMA accompanied by ongoing successful business stories), long term relationship, trust and reliability.

Let’s discuss our mutual interests and business opportunities directly face to face, over the phone or over email. We are kindly inviting you to drop us a message on and we’ll get in touch shortly.